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Strathmore In Town

S-01 Run 1 Danielle
On time
Updated: Nov 6 at 7:41 AM
S-01 Run 2 Danielle
On time
Updated: Aug 29 at 8:50 PM
S-02 Run 1 Jesse
On time
Updated: Nov 6 at 7:41 AM
S-02 Run 2 Jesse
On time
Updated: Sep 14 at 4:24 PM
S-03 Run 1 Brenda
On time
Updated: Nov 10 at 5:03 PM
S-03 Run 2 Brenda
On time
Updated: Aug 29 at 8:53 PM
S-04 Run 1 Jeanette
On time
Updated: Apr 30 at 5:23 PM
S-04 Run 2 Jeanette
On time
Updated: Aug 29 at 8:56 PM
S-05 Run 1 Bonny
On time
Updated: Feb 9 at 1:49 PM
S-05 Run 2 Bonny
On time
Updated: Aug 29 at 8:58 PM
S-06 Run 1 Darriel
On time
Updated: Jun 6 at 2:57 PM
S-06 Run 2 Darriel
On time
Updated: Nov 6 at 7:41 AM
S-07 Run 1 Susan
On time
Updated: Nov 6 at 7:41 AM
S-08 Run 1 Tracy V
On time
Updated: Feb 8 at 6:06 PM
S-08 Run 2 Tracy V
On time
Updated: Feb 8 at 6:06 PM
S-09 Run 1 Amber
On time
Updated: Feb 8 at 6:55 AM
S-10 International Run 1- Hank
On time
Updated: Nov 6 at 7:41 AM

Strathmore Out of Town

SM-01 - Ron K
On time
Updated: Feb 8 at 6:10 PM
SM-02 - Suzie
On time
Updated: Feb 8 at 6:06 PM
SM-03 - Kevin
On time
Updated: Oct 2 at 11:59 AM
SM-04 - Nicola
On time
Updated: Apr 30 at 5:23 PM
SM-05 - Teresa
On time
Updated: May 18 at 11:04 AM
SM-06 - Adriana
On time
Updated: Jun 22 at 2:01 PM
SM-07 - Debbie J
On time
Updated: Feb 8 at 6:15 PM
SM-08 - Lori
On time
Updated: Mar 5 at 8:37 PM
SM-09 - Fred
On time
Updated: Feb 8 at 6:15 PM
SM-10 - Lesley
On time
Updated: Mar 28 at 12:21 PM
SM-11 - Marilyn
On time
Updated: Feb 8 at 6:15 PM
SM-12 - Vicki
On time
Updated: Oct 4 at 5:09 PM
SM-13 - Chelsea
On time
Updated: Feb 8 at 6:19 PM
SM-14 - Candess
On time
Updated: Feb 9 at 1:51 PM
SM-15 - Dave
On time
Updated: Jan 3 at 1:00 PM

About our School

Welcome to Crowther Memorial Junior High School.  We are a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) school, serving Strathmore, Alberta and surrounding communities. 

On this website, you will find primarily policy and procedure documents.  We use social media for our day-to-day news and communication.  If you explore our Facebook timeline, you will find several years worth of announcements, photographs and information about our school and it is truly your best glimpse into life at Crowther as all staff contribute to this media on an ongoing basis.

Mrs. Tucker - Principal
Mr. Lenox - Associate Principal
Mr. Hunter - Associate Principal

Assignments are posted on Google Classroom

Forgetting about homework is a thing of the past! Stay informed about deadlines, assignments, tests and quizzes. This year again, all teachers will be posting information about their classes, assignments and deadlines on Google Classroom. Students and parents can access this information from any computer equipped with the Internet, and can be on top of time management and study planning.

Teachers also use the REMIND system for sending reminders about dates, deadlines and activities. To sign up for REMIND, use this handy sheet

Emailing Teachers

Teachers can be emailed at any time for information or personal updates. We encourage parents to use this venue for home-school communication. Please visit the link called "staff" and select the teacher you wish to contact. A link is on each page to email us.  Alternatively, if you know the name of the teacher you are emailing, all email addresses are configured as

Student Email Use

Students will all be issued an email account through GSuite (Formerly Google Apps for Education).  Students will access their email by visiting Gmail and entering and the password they use to log on to the computers at the school.

Pod Structure

Crowther Memorial is divided into three pods. Each pod is like a school unto itself. This allows for better communication between parents, teachers and students. It also allows students to have fewer teachers and, as such it provides an opportunity for teachers and students to get to know each other better.

Pod 1 (Grade 7) Pod Coordinator - Jenny Bakken (email jennifer.bakken @
Pod 2 (Grade 8) Pod Coordinator - Tom Janzen (email tom.janzen @
Pod 3 (Grade 9) Pod Coordinator - Heather McKinnon (email heather.mckinnon @

Student Pick-up and Drop-off at school

For the safety and well-being of all students, we ask that parents picking up or dropping off their child. Please utilize the curling rink parking lot as opposed to the bus run, staff parking lot or Brent Blvd.

School Clothing

School clothing is necessary for the following teams: Cross Country Running, Badminton, and Track & Field and it is required as practice gear for the volleyball and basketball teams. If you have school shirts and shorts from past years, you may wear them for gym strip and teams. If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Paskevich or Mrs. Duffy There are a FEW sample sizes at the school office.

Electronic Devices

Students are permitted to have electronic devices in their possession while at school, however, they must abide by the Crowther Memorial appropriate use guidelines.  Camera phones are NOT to be used at school, in accordance with the FOIP act.  Exceptions to this occur at public events such as sports tournaments, Terry Fox Run and Social Dance as the general public is invited to these events.

Report Cards

2018-2019 Report cards will be distributed on November 22, March 15 and June 28.

Parent Teacher Interviews

Parent/Teacher interviews are in November and February. The interviews are held in the gym and you are free to line up and meet with any teacher you choose. No appointments will be taken.

Family School Liaison Program

Have you or your child ever needed to talk to someone abut those difficult and frustrating times that every family experiences at one time or another? These times may include divorce/separation, school bullying, anger management, and self esteem issues. The Family School Liaison Program offers FREE supportive counseling to students and their families in Strathmore, Carseland, Gleichen, Standard, Hussar and Rockyford. Please phone the program at 934-5121 for more information.

Dress Code

We simply ask that the students dress appropriately for a public learning environment. 

BYOD - Inspring innovative thinkers, doers and connectors-

At CMJHS we are very excited to continue our Technology Integration by encouraging all students to come to school in the fall with their own technology. This idea of Bring Your Own Device is something we encourage and totally support. Our school is set up with wireless networks throughout and has the capacity to support all types of laptops, netbooks, tablets, phones etc. When students bring and use their OWN technology as a tool in the classroom, this allows for natural integration of a tool they are already familiar with, provides more ownership and responsibility and a more personalized learning opportunity.  Several school boards across the province have been involved in similar initiatives with compelling results not only in student achievement and engagement but in developing 21st century skills and processes. The use of this technology will serve to enhance learning through deep engagement in complex thinking and inquiry-based projects.  If you have any questions pleased do not hesitate to call or email us anytime.

What in the World is D.I.R.T.?

If your son or daughter has mentioned "D.I.R.T.", it stands for "Dedicated Individual Reading Time". It takes place every day after lunch and it is a period of time when the whole school reads. Its purpose is to improve students reading skills through intensive practice. To be effective, though, the students should be reading at their own personal reading level. This basically means that about 8 words per 100 would cause them to decode. If you could provide books for your son or daughter it would be a great help.

Student Lockers

Parents and students should be aware that student lockers are subject to periodic checks. This is for health and safety reasons.  School locks MUST be used on all lockers. Students are not permitted to bring their own locks.

Parent Volunteers

Are you interested in volunteering at Crowther Memorial? Our staff would be so appreciative of ANY time that you may be able to volunteer. Our parent volunteers in the past have helped with photocopying, marking and laminating. If you don't have any time during school hours but still wish to volunteer, we can arrange for you to help us from the comfort of your home! As per Golden Hills School Division Policy, parents who volunteer in classrooms or on field trips may be required to provide a Criminal Record Check. Please contact Mrs. Duffy at the office if you would like to volunteer.

Education Plan

Our Three Year Education Plan can be viewed in the "documents and forms" section of our website.  You can also check the news section and follow the link embedded within the article regarding this.

FOIP Forms

FOIP Forms wil be sent home with students at the beginning of the school year. These must be signed and returned to the school. If your child has lost their FOIP Form, please download a new one here, sign it and return it to the school as soon as possible.

The Golden Hills School Division offers the following Frequently Asked Questions information page for you regarding

  • Regarding School Fees
  • Inclement Weather
  • Inclements Weather
  • Letter Regarding Fair Notice
  • Policy Regarding Appeals
    • From time to time parent concerns may arise in regard to programming for their child. When there are concerns, parents are encouraged to contact their schools and participate in some collaborative problem-solving. On occasion it may be helpful to bring in a consultant to assist in the problem-solving process. Very rarely concerns are raised to the Superintendent and even more infrequently to the Board. If parents are not satisfied with the decision made by the Board, parents may request that the Minister of Education may review their decision. Parents are encouraged to contact their child's teacher or principal of the school if concerns arise that they need to discuss.